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History NaeenTile

About Us

NAEEN TILE INDUSTRIES CO. (privately held company) was founded on 2001/03/15, in Naeen, Iran, for the purpose of producing a broad range of ceramics suitable for walls and floors. The company was established on 2002/01/30 with the registration number 220 in the Company Registration Office of Naeen. The company began its production on 2006/08/26 based on the official license issued by the General Ministry of Mines and Trades of Isfahan. The total capacity of the company was initially at 6 million square meters per year, producing diverse tiles in different sizes and in accordance with the latest designs in the market. These aspects have empowered NAEEN TILE to establish itself as one of the leading and most innovative ceramic producing companies in the country in a very short span of time.    

In 2016, the company initiated its Super Polish production line, assembled with state of the art machineries acquired from a notable Italian company. The new technology has enabled NAEEN TILE to expand its product portfolio, further enhance the quality of its ceramics and to create Super Polish Porcelain tiles conforming to the taste and demand of its clients and end-users. 



The founding of NAEEN TILE began on a property with 422,000 square meters located in Naeen, on the Isfahan-Naeen Road, in 2001. The premises has a production plant with approximately 90,000 square meters as well as an additional building with a total of 5,000 square meters office space. The production facilities consist of two ball mills, four press machines, 3 kiln units and other equipment and machineries from a notable Italian company. The company has a total production capacity of 6 million square meters per year, developing a variety of tiles with new and colorful designs in accordance to the customers’ tastes and demands.


Development Process

Due to the management’s substantial and visionary goals as of the founding of the company, NAEEN TILE has continuously acted to increase its production and to offer a diverse set of high quality products with fascinating and first-rated designs. The company has constantly taken necessary actions to purchase new machineries including press, kiln, inkjet and the required finishing machineries.